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Saturday, August 25, 2012

You could ride that Trophy!

I had to share this.
It has been a long "SHOW" career for my boy Texas. "Longest Tail," "Tallest Dog" "Best Trick." Ahhh! the fun of small towns. Today he won a huge, wonderful trophy at the "Pooches to Pedigrees" show by the Kiwanis Club at Tri State Arena. The class was for "The most Handsome Male." I was glad to see others thought so too!
Texas is sadly announcing his retirement from the "Hee Haw" Show Circuit. He is 7 yrs old, (which is starting to get up there) graying and not quite enjoying it like he had. I am getting both my knees replaced Sept 20th, so we are both a bit worn out!


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  1. WTG Texas! Sounds like it was a load of fun! :-)