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A blog for all the people that know me, want to know more, and don't mind listening to dog or horse stories. Or for people that give up so much, to help creatures that are less fortunate. Maybe you just want to figure out why we do what we do...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Years Later

Ahhhh! The story of my life!
Trying to write in this blog with an ice cream cone in my hand. You just have to laugh...First time I have attempted to blog in two years and I have nothing to say. Hope springs eternal. A bit rusty, but hope to get the hang of this. I will attempt to blog next time about what's happened in the last two years...at least if I start talking about my animals,I'll have something to say...stay tuned! (I know you're breathless with anticipation!)


  1. Don't give up. I have the same problem with my blog. Just trying to remind people to love one another is hard enough, let alone love God's creatures.