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Saturday, August 11, 2012

And then there's TEXAS...

 Lots of pictures, for lots of dog!

Texas was tied to a trailer down the road about 4 yrs ago. I noticed him (who wouldn't) when I drove by every day. He was thin but beautiful. The owners kept him on about a six foot lead. He didn't have any shelter except the side of the trailer.
I kept watching him every day and noticed him getting thinner and thinner as I got madder and madder.
At one point I felt that if I found the owners (They were never home when I went by) I would beat them senseless (as if they had any sense anyway).
This feeling was very frightening, because I knew how angry I was.
When I expressed my anger to my good friend. Who is a wonderful lady, she suggested I tell the people I had two old Danes (which was true) I knew I would lose them soon, and that I couldn't bare to be be without a Dane. I thought since that was true, I was capable of talking to them. To make a long story short, I found them at home and said just that. I bought him for $100, and headed home. (15 mins)  They also told me he was a bad eater.  He only weighed 113 lbs. I brought him home and he pulled me through the gravel road after knocking me down twice as I bathed him.
Then, he went over my couch and recliner about 40 times. Ok, I knew it...Intact male, fights, problems, never been in a house before. What did I get into? I began his rehabilitation slowly with 5 meals a day. He was up to twelve cups within a few days.
Then it happened (2 days later) I swear he had an ephiphany! He was getting fed, he was being loved, he had air conditioning, company, and a couch! He became the BEST dog I ever had. It has been 4 years now. I have never been happier with my friend. Oh did I mention he has weighed 170 lbs since then? Yep! That's my big black cuddle bug! and then...well that's another story!


  1. Oh how I love that Texas!! I need to see him again and soon! You realize he's my dog, you just care for him for me. ;-)

    1. He is a dog owned by the universe! Too wonderful to keep to myself!